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As barge operator/owner Delta-Connect offers the necessary transparency. Whoever sails with us, knows what the customer pays and what the margin thereon is.
If you are interested, you are welcome to join our fleet!


Why choose Delta-Connect?

Inland shipping is by far the safest option for the transportation of your liquid substances and mineral oils. Besides, a ship uses less fuel than any other way of transport - meaning it is not only less expensive, it is also more environment friendly. There are plenty of reasons to choose for Delta-Connect when it concerns transportation of your cargo by inland shipping.



To provide transparent services as charterer by supply and demand for mineral oils and light chemical products.


Our quality system is ISO9001 certified and complies with the requirements of the Tanker Management Self Assessment.


Barges use less fuel than other way of transport, therefore less harmful to the environment.

Family company

The Bauwens family and Els van Brussel guarantee lifelong experience in all aspects of inland shipping.


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