Delta-Connect has a modern fleet of double-hull barges.  
The ships are equipped with the latest navigation and communication systems.
But the most important are of course our experienced and well trained people, making each transport smooth and safe.

Your cargo is our concern

From our efficiently designed offices in the port of Antwerp, we offer you a speedy service and we keep and constant watch on our vessels with your precious cargo.
We transport your (liquid) charge through the FARAG region (Flushing-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Ghent) and over the Rhine, the Moselle and the main to and from Germany.


Rijnkaai 23
B-2030 Antwerpen


T: 32 3 500 9440
F: 32 3 500 9449

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We can count on the permanent and superior support by Transafe, an independent service provider for the maritime sector on quality and safety.
Transafe closely monitors the quality of our management system and eacht of our employees.


Delta-Connect attaches great value to observing quality and safety standards.
Also the health of our employees and the environment is very important to us.
Using our QHSE-management system we control our procedures and objectives in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.